Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jacqueline Holmes is the daughter of Roosevelt and Michelle Holmes. She is 30 years old and has two children (Ronnie 9 and Dontrell 7). Jacqueline works full time as an RNA and CNA at Prairie Manor nursing rehabilitation center. Not only does Jacqueline work full time she is also a full time student as well. Jackie has been a part of the Habitat family since April of 2010. She has expressed much joy and excitement along her journey on becoming a home owner. She has helped in the ReStore greeting and serving many customers, as well as helping on other building projects and at any event that was set up for the families to partake in. Jackie had to fulfill 350 hours of sweat equity and has completed that with the help of family (i.e. mom, dad, Joshua, Rochelle, Evette) and a host of friends. Jackie has expressed that Habitat means a great deal to her because it gives families a fresh start and a fighting chance in this economy.
Sarah Hendrickson has been widowed since 1998. After the loss of her husband she was unable to continue to sustain her lifestyle and eventually purchased a mobile home in South Chicago Heights. The mobile home was in desperate need of repairs as the roof was leaking and there was mold infestation and rodents. With limited resources Sarah was unable to find a home that was safe, comfortable, and affordable. Sarah is grateful for this opportunity to partner with Habitat and thankful for the support of the many volunteers, committee members, and workers who helped her to obtain her dream of homeownership. Sarah now feels hopeful toward her future, as she now has a place where she can take delight in her passions for gardening and bird watching and enjoy life until her retirement years.