Become a Homeowner

We offer a “hand-up; not a hand-out”.

There are 3 basic steps for becoming a Habitat for Humanity homeowner.

  1. Need is determined by your current housing…is it substandard or unsafe with many repairs needed?…is it overcrowded?…is the rent too high for your income?…do you have accessibility problems for a family member?
  2. Financial Condition: Our programs is dependent on the timely payment of mortgage obligations. Therefore, we will be interested in the stability of your income as reflected by past work history (one year with same employer).
  3. Sweat Equity: Prospective homeowners are required to INVEST a minimum of 400 hours of “sweat equity” assisting in the building of their own home and assisting on other affiliate projects.

All of our families have an interest free mortgage payment that in most instances will be much lower than they are currently paying for rent and related housing expenses. We will also examine your credit history and level of current debt. A family can have no liens or judgments that cannot be cleared prior to closing. We work exclusively with individuals and families who have incomes falling within the following ranges:

Family income limits 15


If you believe you have the need,  the ability to pay and willingness to put in the WORK. Call us to get information on our  next Family Orientations: (708) 441-4379 or 441-4375. Please leave your name, E-mail and mailing address so we can contact you

or click here to complete an online Homeowners Interest form.